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Dr. Belkacem Touahri

    Address : A28 cité les falaises AIN TAYA ALGIERS, ALGERIA

    Tel. : +213 (0) 21 866 593 & +213 (0) 661 630 644

    E_mail :

Date and place of birth: July 22, 1946 at Akbou, wilaya of Bejaïa, Algeria

Diplomas: Master in Geology (university of Algiers, 1968), Specialization in mining geology (Engineers Faculty of the university de Cagliari, Italy, 1970), Doctor-Engineer (University of Paris XI, Orsay, France, 1983), Doctor of state in sciences (university of Paris VI, France, 1987)

Other languages: Arabic, English, Italian, Russian.

Data processing: Windows XP, internet, Package Microsoft Office (word, excel, power point…).


1. Consultant  works for mining companies (short term consultancies) :

- 1998 : European Pacific (Australia) : Evaluation of mining projects in Morocco : Zgounder (silver) et Achemach (tin).
- 1998 and 2002 : “ Générale des Entreprises” and “Nord Est Holding” (France) – major shareholder of Mining company of Touissit (Morocco) : lead zinc potential of north african countries and industrial mineral potential of Algeria.
- 1999 and 2000 : Geoafrica Gold Corporation (Canada) : Exploration of gold in Aïr area, north of Niger.
- 2001 : COMINCO (USA) : a, Algerian environment for foreign investors in mining, b, lead and zinc potential of Algeria (including oxides).
- 2006, 2007, 2008 : evaluation of gold, base metals, tin & wolfram exploration projects in Algeria for private local and foreign companies.

2. 1969 – 1983 : National Company for Mining Exploration and Exploitation (“SONAREM”, Algeria):

- 1969-73 :
Geologist at the lead zinc mine of El Abed and at the mercury mine of Ismaïl
- 1973-74 : Exploration geologist (200 000 and 50 000 scale prospection)
- 1974-76 : Chief of exploration department : exploration manager of various projects : iron, tin wolfram, manganese, coal, uranium, gold, diamonds, gemstones, base metals, industrial minerals.
- 1976
- 83 : Director of exploration. The staff of this direction was in charge of the management of exploration and ore resources calculations manager including prefeasibility studies

3. 1987-91 : National Mining Exploration Company “ EREM ”
- 1987-88 : Advisor linked to the General manager : in charge of strategies and organization of mining activities.
- 1988-89 : Director of the research-development center which is in charge of prospective studies, technico-economical studies, documentation center and laboratories.
- 1990-91 : General manager of the National Mining Exploration Company “EREM”

4. 1992-98 : National Bureau for Geological and Mining Research “ ORGM ” - General Manager. This organization came from the fusion of the company EREM and the National Geological Bureau “ONIG”.

5. 1998-99 : Feldspar company of Algeria “SOFELD” -  Chairman of the board

6. 1999-00 : National Company for base metals and industrial minerals “ ENOF ” - Director of the Industrial minerals division and advisor of the CEO for reserves calculations and mining projects for base metals and industrial minerals.

7. 2001-06 : Bentonite Company of Algeria “BENTAL” - Chairman and General manager

8. 2006 (oct) -2007 (oct) : General Director of the Western Mediterranean Zinc, the Algerian local company in charge of the lead zinc project of Tala Hamza hold by Terramin Australia Ltd.


1. 1984-85 : 30 hours per year teaching “ world distribution and ore formation processes of Pb-Zn ore deposits” to the students in Geochemistry (end year master level) of en DEA de géochimie de l’université de Paris VII consacré à la métallogénie du plomb et zinc dans le monde (30 heures/an).

2. 1987-00 : University of sciences and technology of Bab Ezouar, Algiers :
a- Associated professor of geochemistry, 90-100 hours per year
b- As scientific director, following several memories of engineer, thesis of Doctorate of 3rd cycle, and thesis of doctorates of State
c- Member inspector of many Ph.D. examining boards of Doctorates of third cycle, magisters, and doctorates of state at the universities of : Bab Ezzouar (Algiers), Tunis (Tunisia), Oujda (Morocco), Rennes, Toulouse, Montpellier, Rennes, Orsay, Paris VI (France), and at the Polytechnic National School of Algiers.

3. About twenty publications and scientific papers on lead, zinc, barite, fluorite ore deposits, on the diamantiferous province of the SW of Algeria, on the ore formation conditions of lead and zinc mineralization.

4. Participation in many conferences and congress in Algeria, Australia, Canada, France, Austria, Germany, Zambia, Khartoum, Morocco, Tunisia

5. Participation with communications in foreign private mining investments : Denver USA 1997, Haïnan China 1997

6. Visit of several ore deposits : Mauritania, Italy, Poland, Somalia, Zambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, France, Niger, Morocco, Tunisia